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Ace Stream Magic Player
is a P2P Online streaming on all your favorite trackers/sites!

Innovative technology of playback of streaming audio and video created on the base of the most popular P2P protocol (BitTorrent), in its best in the world realisation, with unsurpassed possibilities will allow you to enjoy online viewing and listening to the highest quality video and audio in the Internet.

Take advantage of possibilities and functions of the Ace Stream System by connecting Magic Player extension/addition for your browser, and you will not have to make different unnecessary movements and wait for something to download!

By pressing only one "magic" button, when you are on your favorite tracker/site, you can start an online playback of video or audio content without downloading the torrent-file or waiting to load the content.

You can also enjoy the benefits of technology and new opportunities when you visit the most popular news sites and video hosting, i.e.,,, YouTube, Vimeo, RuTube , etc. But it will be later, so be with us and watch our news online or via Twitter.

Learn about the functions of the Magic Player extension, as well as guidelines and recommendations and other useful information in the relevant sections.

The information about the Ace Stream System can be found on its official forum.

Magic Player is an extension/addition for browsers
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera

This extension provides online playback of video/audio content through BitTorrent protocol on all most popular websites/trackers and also extends the basic functionality of websites that you use with the help of innovative technologies.

Main functions or what the extension does:

1. Adds a context menu item that can be used for online playback of video/audio using links to torrent-files posted on any trackers/sites that you have visited without the need to download torrent-file itself and waiting to load the video/audio content.

Context menu item only works if the current link leads to torrent-file, i.e., extension ".torrent" and correct MIME-type. In browser Opera this function is not available yet.

2. Adds special/magic button or built-in player to the most popular trackers (any sites that contain links to torrent-files), clicking on which will provide online playback of the content, which is presented in the release, in its original quality.

3. Adds special/magic button or built-in player to the most popular sites about movies, animation, music that do not contain links to torrent-files (i.e.,, , etc.). Through the automated search engine BitTorrent-Network you will be offered several options for playback in different formats with different bit rate and different qualities. (This function is still under development!)

Additional features:

1. Replaces the original player on the most popular video hostings (such as YouTube, Vimeo, RuTube , etc.) on Ace Player to provide more stable flow rate through the redistribution of flow and its support for the P2P BitTorrent network as well as extending the functionality of the original player, including the ability to save videos. (This function is still under development!)

2. Displays sites via "10-foot UI" interface for comfortable navigation and viewing its content on the big screen, TV with the ability to control via hot keys or remote control.

Before you start using the features and capabilities of Magic Player, you have to install this extension on the official website extensions for your web browser. For how and where, look into the "Install Extension".

Once you have installed the Magic Player extension for your browser, test your player to make sure that you don’t have any problems with running and playback. To do this, click on that unique, "tiny" button that you see on this site.

If you are new to the Ace Stream System and the second, but most important component (Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in) is not installed on your computer, it's okay.

Whether you are first starting the Ace player, or simply clicking on sites integrated with Ace Stream, you will be offered fast, clear installation and activation steps for this plug-in — helping avoid difficulties for you.

Well, if you have already installed these two components, namely:

1. Plug-in for the browser – Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in
2. Additional extension for the browser – Magic Player,
then Welcome to the technological magic of Ace Stream!

So, how to use all these amazing features:

Possibility №1

The easiest way is to visit one of the websites from the "List of websites/trackers", locate interesting content, and press the Magic player button, which can be found on the release page.

Seconds after pressing, your chosen content will appear in the player.

To start content playback press the "Play" button in player controls, or, if the release you have chosen contains several audio/video files (i.e., an entire TV show season or music album), you can open the playlist, select files to play, set/change the order, and start the playback.

For more information about player controls click "Player Controls" or use SWAG, the scientific trial-and-error method.

Possibility №2 (in browser Opera this function is not available yet)

Magic Player functions are not limited to a list of websites or trackers presented in the "List of websites/trackers". You can run online viewing/listening on almost any site that contains links to torrent-files from the context menu.

Simply hover over the link or button for downloading the torrent-file, right click, and you will see the context menu list (Attention! Context menu item only works if the current link leads to torrent-file, i.e., extension ".torrent" and correct MIME-type).

Click "View Torrent-Online" and you will find yourself on the player’s page with chosen content.

At the moment there will be two basic Magic Player functions! And, this is just the beginning!

The list of functions and capabilities will continue increasing, so follow Ace Stream System news by visiting this website and our forum, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter keeping abreast of our new products before anyone else!!!

Important: Before using the Magic Player, carefully read our "Guidelines and Recommendations". We understand most people enjoy simply diving into the experience, but these few minutes of your time will bring even more pleasure using products and solutions of the Ace Stream System.

Please read "Guidelines and Recommendations"

Player controls buttons

    • Play
    • Stop
    • Previous
    • Next
    • Volume down
    • Volume up
    • Mute
    • Menu
    • Playlist
    • Fullscreen mode
    • Power/Stop downloading

Basic hot keys
(the ability to control the player in the fullscreen mode via keyboard/mouse or remote control)

Play/Pause: space
Stop: s
Fullscreen: f
Leave fullscreen: esc
Mute: m
Volume up: ctrl + up
Volume down: ctrl + down
Cycle audio track: b
Cycle subtitle track: v
Cycle source aspect ratio: a
Cycle video crop: c
Normal rate: =
Faster (fine): ]
Slower (fine): [
Faster: +
Slower: -
Very short forward jump: shift + right
Very short backward jump: shift + left
Short forward jump: alt + right
Short backward jump: alt + left
Medium forward jump: ctrl + right
Medium forward jump: ctrl + left
Long forward jump: ctrl + alt + right
Long backward jump: ctrl + alt + left
Next: n
Previous: p

Adjusting the sound in the fullscreen mode can be also performed using mouse wheel.

Opening the player in the fullscreen mode, as well as exit the fullscreen mode can be carried out by double-clicking on the screen of the player.


1. Selecting of playback files in the list.

2. Setting the order of playback files from the list.

To change the order of playback files in the list hover over your file, click left mouse button and holding it drag the file to the desired position.


    Video settings
  • Subtitles
  • Aspect ratio
  • Crop
    Audio settings
  • Selecting audio tracks
  • Selecting audio channel
    Social functions
  • link to a separate page with the player
  • player code for inserting on other website pages
  • auto adding a link to the player on popular websites

Installing and Setting up Ace Stream Media Software

Full package of Ace Stream Media Software contains:

Ace Stream HD – the main software product (engine to control multimedia streams);

ACE Player HD - desktop version of multimedia player (modified and enhanced version of VLC player);

Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in - plug-in for a browser (built on the base of VLC Plug-in). Provides work of web players on sites;

Magic Player – additional extension for browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera (extends the multimedia capabilities of many popular sites).

Testing after installation

Before you start using Ace Stream media software be sure to test its functionality, using test web player and torrent-files provided for the test.

Options and settings

To personalize Ace Stream HD settings and/or to activate an account in Ace Stream System use menu "Options". To open menu "Options" move the cursor on the icon "Ace Stream", which is available in the system tray (when running the program) and making a right click, select "Options" and click on this menu item.

Ace Stream HD options:

«Login/Password» – entry fields for user data in Ace Stream System. It is used for activation of additional functions.

«Cache Folder» – specifies the directory of teh folder used for temporary caching of multimedia data.

«Maximum upload speed» - establishes a limit on the speed of streaming upload of multimedia data to other users.

«Maximum download speed» - establishes a limit on the speed of download of multimedia data fron other users.

«Disk cache volume» – allows you to assign the maximum volume of disk space that you are willing to allocate for temporary caching of multimedia data. (If you reach the limit of the cache volume, files from it will be partially deleted, freeing up space for caching playing file)

«Automatically limit the download speed» - in automatic mode, the download speed will not exceed the speed of bitrate with the additional ratio 1.3 (1.3 * bitrate).

«Start playback only with sufficient speed» - if the speed of downloading is lower than of the bitrate of file being played, then playback will start when the volume of the formed cache and the download speed will allow to play the file without interruption for buffering.

«Enable playback entertainment spots during prebuffering» - this option will help you to spend time of prebuffering with pleasure, starting at this period of time playback of announcement of new movies and other entertainment content. Attention! This is not advertising spots and rewind function will be available, if you want to skip them or turn off when you see that prebuffering has been already completed. And the most important – these playbacks noways, not for one second will increase your time of prebuffering!!! (How can that be!? Just try first, and you always will have time to distinguish!)

«Extended options»:

  • «Cleaning the cache folder» - removes files downloaded by the program from the cache folder.

Settings of ACE Player HD are implemented according with the settings of the original program, namely VLC player. For detailed information, please visit the developer VideoLAN site.

Most of the ACE Player HD settings are synchronized with the settings of Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in. This means, for example, that if you want to enable support for hardware acceleration for web-players, then you only have to set this setting in the desktop version of the player, and it also will work for web-players.

Attention! Settings for Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in will take effect after restarting your web browser.

Before you start using Ace Stream media software, test its work using test web-player and test torrent files.

1. The main criteria for quality and smooth playback of video and audio online via torrents:

For online playback of audiovisual content via torrents the speed of your Internet connection for the incoming traffic (download) must be higher than the total bitrate of file tracks. Optimal ratio is 1/1.3 (bitrate/download speed). You can check the speed of your connection here.

The second criteria is the speed of video/audio streaming from its source. This source includes all pool participants (peers) who provide you with the video/audio stream, and you in turn become a source of video/audio for other members of the pool.

Information about the number of peers as well as the download and upload speed is displayed when you place the cursor over the plug-in's icon in the system tray:

DLdownload speed (кб/с)
UL upload speed (кб/с)
Helpingthe number of peers

Information for calculating the speed: 1000 kbit/s (kbps) = 125 KByte/s (kB/s) = 7,3 MB/min = 439.5 MB/hour

Example of calculation:
Video: 1744 kbps
Audio 1 : 128 kbps
Audio 2 : 128 kbps

Total bitrate: 2000 kbps = (1744 +128 +128) kbps = 250 KByte/sec (kB/s) = 14.6 MB/min = 879 MB/hour

Result: the value of DL, at 2000 kbps, must be higher than 250

The optimal value of DL = 250*1.3 = 325

2. Playback starts after prebuffering

It means that minimal cache is formed before playback start. It will provide you ability of nonstop playback of streaming video/audio.

Attention! The time of prebuffering depends only on the speed of your Internet connection and the total upload speed of all peers, not the work of Torrent Stream software!

For example, if you are trying to play video using the torrent-file that will take one day to download with regular torrent-client, then don’t wait for a miracle from the plug-in: the prebuffering time in such case will be very long.

A large number of peers do not guaranty fast prebuffering.

For example, if two peers at the beginning provide you with upload speed that exceeds total video bitrate then pre-buffering will take less than one minute. On the other hand, if you are connected to 50 peers but total upload speed from those peers is less than minimal required download speed then pre-buffering will last much longer.

Attention! If prebuffering lasts more than 1-2 minutes check the download speed (DL) to decide whether it is possible to watch the video using plug-in.

Note: Please, do not spoil your impressions from using our products and watching video online, using unsuitable for this torrents, surrounded by the pool that cannot provide necessary download speed.

3. Playback without delays if download speed is lower than bitrate of the playback file (for version 1.0.4 and above)

If the download speed is lower than the bitrate speed and you do not want the playback to be interrupted, then you have the opportunity to use the option «Start with suffcient speed only» Playback will start only when the amount of formed cache and the download speed allow to play the file without interruption for buffering.

This option is the default, but you can disable it from the menu "Options", unchecking the appropriate menu item: "start with suffcient speed only".

How everything will happen if the option is enabled?

When you run the file, after pre-buffering, if download speed of the stream (DL) is not enough for continuous playback, it will stop and you'll see in the information line of the player message and information about the time after which the playback will start without delays. After the specified time, playback starts automatically. Well, if the download speed is optimal for continuous playback of the file, it will start playing and continue without interruption.

Information about the remaining time before the playback starts will be dynamically changed depending on the volume of filling of cache and the download speed. If you notice that somehow time instead of decreasing began to increase, just look at the download speed (DL), because it obviously began to fall. There are two reasons: 1. Peers fell off. 2. You have a problem with Internet connection.

4. Mediafiles, when you watch them online, are automatically downloaded to the directory, which was specified during the installation of Ace Stream Media software or in menu «Options»

By default, the video is downloaded to directory:: C:\TorrentStream

5. Set the optimal upload speed

Concept of this plug-in supports the basic concepts of P2P and in its options the setting of determining the upload speed is provided.

Video/audio is uploaded to other peers while watching and after the watching is finished if you don’t turn off Ace Stream HD.

Attention! Don’t be greedy and set the maximum upload speed if you have unlimited outbound traffic. The upload speed through Ace Stream Multimedia plug-in doesn't affect the speed of loading video.

6. All settings and control over Ace Stream HD, as well as its disconnection are performed through its menu, which is called by clicking the mouse on the Ace Stream icon, located in the system tray of your OS:

7. Optimize your player

If you don’t have a very powerful computer or the speed of your Internet connection is limited then don’t run more than one player simultaneously. In addition, close all unnecessary browser windows and programs that consume a lot of resources of your computer or internet traffic. These recommendations become even more important if you want to watch high quality video (e.g. 720p or 1080p)

If your computer has GPU (graphics processor/video card), then to reduce a burden on CPU (central processing unit), enable option «use video accelerator» in the desktop player settings (Ace Player HD, which comes with Ace Stream Media). restart your browser after enabling support for hardware acceleration to make it work for web-players. Attention! This option may not work properly with some video cards!

8. Stop content downloading

If you decided to stop downloading or watching video-content, using web-player, then don't forget to stop downloading by clicking the button «Stop downloading» or simply close the page with the player.

Note: Information and recomendations will be added periodically, as far as more functions will be added to the player and more questions from you will be received. Therefore, don't forget to visit this page from time to time

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List of supported sites

Install Extension

Install the Magic Player extension on the official site for extensions of your browser.

License Agreement

By installing and using this Software, you accept terms of License Agreement.

Attention! To use this extension Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Рlug-in must be installed in your browser!

You can also install Ace Stream Media package with includes Magic Player extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.
Installation page: Ace Stream Media

Information how to use Magic Player, on what sites a magic button or player can be found and video guide are available in the relevant sections.

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Ace Stream Magic Player is a P2P Online streaming at all your favorite trackers/sites!